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We're creating the best 5e content, contineously inovating and further developing the system! 

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Adventure Bundles started when Andy, a GM with unending passion for the hoby got some extra time between family and job. The goal was simple. Create content that will make a session count, be memorable and leave nothing to be desired. All in the form of a plug-and-play bundle. 

Marielis joined, and soon after Werner. The plan for exlusive one-shot scenarios was quickly abandoned, since our excitement and wish to further develop the 5e system had the result of bigger adventures and elabotate encounters, in between one-shots. 

We deliver two free encounters and one adventure per month, which offer many hours of gameplay. With them, you'll find many maps, items, illustrations and homebrew that will fill your sessions with enjoyment!

If you have any suggestions, review inquiries or generally want to tell us how your session with a bundle went, do not hesitate to write us an email or join our discord server. We'll be happy to hear from you!


Our Concept


In the times we live in, GMs often find less and less time to prep. Our bundles are plug and play. Loot, monsters, player options and a detailed adventure with the required maps are offered to you in the form of a bundle. You can play them as they are, or simply insert them in your campaigns.


We constantly deliver different mechanics and systems that will better the experience of a 5e session. The default system works, but there is room for improvement, and we do just that!

Player Agency

You can expect that all our adventures have multiple paths, solutions and scenarios that are completely depending on player actions. The heroes always have the reigns. They are responsible for their path, and we write our adventures in a way that you, the GM, can best tackle their decisions!

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