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Down the Rat Hole


Did you ever wonder what the world looks like from a rat's perspective? Well, wonder no more! This mystical adventure lets the party explore the unique wonders and dangers of a rat burrow built beneath a tavern. A patron of the establishment tasks the party to recover her lost ring. One of those pesky rats snatched it last night and dragged it into its burrow. Desperately to get her possession back she approaches the party for help. Will they accept and brave the dangers of this tiny dungeon?

The party must face different perils in this alien world. In there, brute strength might not always be the best choice. The adventure favors clever and strategic play and rewards the "first observe then act" type of approach, ideal for a party of low levels with limited magic tools at their disposal. After passing the boss of the dungeon the party must face one last danger. They have to cross the busy tavern floor in their tiny forms to reach the quest giver again who promised to turn them back to their old selves once the ring is returned. 

This is a whimsical, lighthearted, 16 page adventure, full of weird situations and a suspenseful chase sequence at the very end.

Demiplane of the Young Lich


Kyzog'Zunal lived a life as a respected wizard, in which he offered his services to emperors and kings, adventurers and common people. He extended his knowledge on magic and the planes with every time he had to learn a new spell, or see a contract to an end.

When his life reached a certain point, he started becoming afraid of death, just like any other mortal. All the knowledge, all the wisdom and research that he had accomplished throughout his life would die with him. There was also so much more to be learned. He couldn't just stop his research because of death.

So he found a way to avoid this fate. He read of many scholars before him achieving lichdom and he swore he would follow in their steps. He knew from the start, though, that he would need to be smart. Such creatures are chased by adventurers, for the world is not accepting the existence of liches. 

This 17 page adventure features a lot of interesting role play situations, deadly void mechanics and an extremely dangerous homebrew boss! 

Deadly Waters


Halenshire is a small town built in and around natural springs. Since about 1 month there has been a mysterious disease spreading among the population. Some people only experience fatigue and vomiting, while some other unlucky ones even die. The people are afraid, mainly because it appears to be spreading randomly. There have been cases of people from same households getting infected, and others where only 1 family member got it and died. In other words, it is a mystery. Is it a curse? A sign from the gods? A sinister act? No one knows thus far. Some other stories say that the dead had been drained of blood, others that the local cleric is sinister. To make matters worse, some of the dead bodies seem to disappear during the night.

Suspects exist plenty, especially in a town as Halenshire which sees a steady influx of visitors. The local Cleric is new in town and has been acting strange and overzealous, there is talk about the tavern being in the middle of things, and the traveling circus which arrived at the city almost at the same time as the first infection appeared.

Deadly Waters is a 24 page adventure for role play fans! There are 9 detailed NPCs and a town with a mystery to explore. It also comes with 3 battle maps, 3 magic items and 2 homebrew creatures.  

Forge of the Fire Giants


Deep inside the volcano known as Mount Calamity lives a tribe of fire giants, the Smoldering Cave Clan. No record exists of their coming here, but some say they were shaped by the mountain and lava many years ago. Some other stories say that the giant god Setag created them at the beginning of time when the world was shaped. No matter which story of their origin is true, though, one thing the scholars agree upon. There is a forge deep within the volcano that is shaped by lava rock as part of the mountain. There, lava flows, and the mythical fire giant smith operates it when the tribe requires it.

The tribe rarely ventures outside the mountain, for they care little for the world of men. This is though not the case for outsiders. Occasionally, curious adventurers or scholars want to study the caves or use the forge for their own benefit. Although the fire giants can defend themselves adequately, their numbers have indeed decreased over the past few years. At the time of the adventure, several fire giants have traveled to the elemental plane of fire to seek help.

A high-level 16 page adventure with many high-level dangers. Lava, fire giants, and an active volcano erupting to name a few! Forge of the Fire Giants comes with a dungeon map, 2 homebrew creatures and 4 magic items!

On the Crimson Trail


Strathenberg stronghold is one of the most isolated structures in the known world. Situated in the very north, where in the winter the snow covers the land. There are rarely any problems here, and these are mostly wildlife or weather related. The local guards who serve baron Strathenberg have usually no problem dealing with such issues. 

In the past month or so, though, locals have been disappearing. Either during a hunting trip, on a firewood haul, or even while taking a walk in the forest. There has been talk about strange lights in the forest behind the stronghold. Eerie, flickering lights that peer through the fog.

No local guards are willing to investigate. They are simply not trained to deal with the supernatural, and the baron knows this.

On the Crimson Trail is a 23 page adventure that comes with 5 battle maps, 2 homebrew creatures and 4 magic items. It features a point crawl with an illustrated map, and an end boss that can play with the minds of the adventuring party like few others can!

Delusions of Grandeur 


There is a kobold clan living in an abandoned dwarven mine. They call themselves, Iga Shuvne, which loosely translates in common to The Big Ones in the Mines. The name is new. The kobold chieftain changed it after the discovery of a wand, as he thought it better describes what the clan now resembles.

It was about a month ago, when a scouting group of kobolds exited the mines to patrol the surrounding desert and cliff side. There, on the ground, near a patch of dried bushes, they found a wand which allowed them to change their size. Although they have made themselves smaller while testing the wand, the actual interest was on the property that allowed them to enlarge themselves. They brought the item back to their chieftain, and since then, he boasts with confidence, pride and even declares dangerous ideas about attacking the nearby villages of men.

Stopping the king and recovering the wand is now a task of highest priority.

This 22 page adventure comes with 2 mine dungeon maps, 6 magic items and illustrated kobold traps. It is a homage to Tucker's kobolds, and it is a perfect starter adventure, offering many role playing situations, exploration and combat!

The Lost Tomb of Arùn


Arùn the Godking was a king in ages past. His kingdom spread wide and his reign lasted for 90 years.

A wizard before he became king, he had his life prolonged via magical means. The people of his kingdom worshiped him as god, and many say his power was matched only by that of lesser deities and above.

As many things in the multiverse though, he also fell. No one knows how or why, but one day he died at the age of 130. The next of kin could not be as influential, strategic and powerful, so his kingdom fell in ruins. Cataclysmic events caused floods and rains of acid, and now, 1000 years after the fall, only desert remains where the kingdom once was.

Recent sandstorms have uncovered an ancient tomb temple. The resting place of the godking. Rumors say that deep inside, guarded by a creature placed there by the gods, is Arùn's most prized possession in life. An ancient artifact that could change the multiverse. Recovering it is of utmost importance and ambition for many factions in the world, and it is up to the adventuring party to brave the dangers of the tomb and the challenges of the guardian if they want to be the ones to claim it.

The Lost Tomb of Arùn features 3 acts. 1 hexcrawl minigame, 1 unforgiving dungeon, and 1 trial sequence. 27 pages, 2 maps, 4 magic items and homebrew mechanics will offer a memorable session!

Sylvan Strife

Sylvan_Strive_Standalone_MASTER (1).jpg

Dorwell Plains used to be a desolate place. The soil was barren, a dry desert that was avoided by most creatures. Ironically, it was undead creatures that started the cycle of life. During the lich war, where thousands of soldiers fell, it was their blood and flesh that fertilized the ground. Small plants grew into a now lush and thick forest. A mystical place that is now avoided not because of its void, but because of all the life, the beasts, undead, fey and outcasts that chose this forest as their new home.

Some 300 years ago, the forest got even more reputation, as it was revealed that specific plants, mushrooms and bushes hold magical properties, properties that the same plants in other forest don't have.

Sylvan Strife is a 23 page adventure that comes with 4 magic items, 2 battle maps and 2 homebrew creatures. It can be played as point A to point B or point B to point A, depending on which quest hook is picked.

Reef of Memories


Off the coast of Bailey's Point exists a spot in the sea where ships have been sinking under no apparent reason. Survivors are plenty, but they all have the same stories. The ship got holes from one moment to the next, and after that they had little time to abandon it as it was sinking fast. Some even have stories of sea creatures dragging survivors underwater, never to be seen again.

Furthermore, some 3 months ago, colorful corals have been spotted extremely close to the coast at Bailey's Point, as if a giant coral reef has been expanding towards the land. These are covered in a slimy mucus that puzzles researchers, as they don't seem to perish when above water.

Could the two things be connected? And if so, what could be causing the shipwrecks and the coral expansion?

This 18 page adventure comes with 1 underwater dungeon map, 3 magic items and many homebrew creatures.

The Sunken Cemetery


Cor'Duer is one of the largest cities in the known world, and as such, one of the very few to have a sewer system underneath it. Built many years ago, it spans most of the city underground, with new sections being dug out sporadically to cover newly built neighborhoods. 

It is not rare that the city watch will employ a group of adventurers to deal with a sewer related issue. It is a dirty job, but one that pays well and keeps one at the good side of law.

Two weeks ago, as workers were digging a new section for the sewer, they broke a wall that led them to a big underground cave. The floor of this cave was filled with graves, which made the officials believe they found something of archaeological value, perhaps remnants of the old Cor'Duer or a civilization which lived here before the city even existed.

As the workers were exploring these graves, they awoke something ancient. Skeletal barbarians, shamans and wizards rose from their rest and attacked, killing all but one worker who escaped to tell the tale. What's even worse, some of these monsters have been reported to have made their way to the surface, terrorizing locals before the city watch could intervene.

A 22 page adventure that comes with 1 sewer map, 4 magic items and a homebrew system of running the dungeon.

The Endless Cold


Hogstad is a small village in the very north of the known world. For miles and miles around there exists nothing but pine forests, permafrost arid lands and snowy mountain ranges with glaciers occupying their tops. It is a place where families of fishers and hunters live, people who have learned to make the best of the tough terrain.

Now, though, it all is about to change, as a blizzard hits fiercely upon the settlement and does not seem to retreat as days pass.

This 29 page adventure is inspired by the video game Frostpunk. It features 4 battle maps, 4 magic items, homebrew monsters and an encounter an morale system to keep the players on edge during the days of the raging blizzard!

Gladiator Mansion


Hogstad is a small village in the very north of the known world. For miles and miles around there exists nothing but pine forests, permafrost arid lands and snowy mountain ranges with glaciers occupying their tops. It is a place where families of fishers and hunters live, people who have learned to make the best of the tough terrain.

Now, though, it all is about to change, as a blizzard hits fiercely upon the settlement and does not seem to retreat as days pass.

This 29 page adventure features 4 battle maps, 4 magic items, homebrew monsters and an encounter an morale system to keep the players on edge during the days of the raging blizzard!

Wild Cargo


A rich noble named Galvan Frederik has a rather peculiar hobby. He collects beasts and animals, rare species and often dangerous. There is a small zoo in a plot of land that he owns, where these animals can either roam free or are kept in captivity, depending on how dangerous or aggressive they are.

The way he acquires new specimens is by paying adventurers to capture them in lands far away. However, this time, the delivery has been delayed as the ship that way carrying the new beasts went missing.

This 18 page adventure features 3 battle maps, 2 magic items, homebrew monsters and a sinking ship sequence!

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